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There's always action with the Majorette Gangster Chase Playset! 
The Majorette Gangster Chase is a special playset - consisting of two toy cars and a helicopter. So an exciting gangster chase can be re-enacted in the playroom. The set is available as a German or international version. The police car chases after the speeding gangster in his Lamborghini. The helicopter hovers overhead keeping an eye on the action. Various moving parts on the vehicles make the play experience even more realistic. And of course, this set can be used for other things besides car chases; the individual toy cars can be used to recreate other scenarios. The Gangster Chase complements the Creatix play world from Majorette particularly well. Attractively presented, this playset forms the centrepiece of an exceptional collection. 

  • Freewheel toy cars
  • Models available: Ford, Chevrolet, Porsche, Bell, EC
  • 2 different models
  • Some moving parts
  • Material: Metal/plastic
  • Length of vehicles: 7.5 cm
  • Length of helicopter: 13 cm
  • ¬†Recommended age: 3+ years
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