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The new BIG-Waterplay-Water-Turbine is positioned on the side of the waterway system and its speedy rotations create extra strong cu rrents.The crank handle can be rotated in both directions. Kids can learn about the movement of water and how to determine the direction of currents. In comparison to conventional crank handles, the side positioning of this handle allows the BIG-Waterplay boats to enjoy an uninterrupted sailing trip around the waterway. 

This extension set is suitable for all BIG waterways but is not suitable as an extension to the playcase (Item No: 800055103 and 800055104). Due to the shape of these elements, several extension elements may be required to create a suitable BIG-Waterplay extension. Please refer here to the extension information given on the packaging of the BIG-Waterplay waterway sets. 

BIG-Waterplay is GS certified.

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